Tooth-colored materials have experienced a technical evolution in dentistry over the last 20 years. Today's dentists find themselves faced with an assortment of materials with different activation systems, compositions, delivery mechanisms, and claims for use.

When it comes to making an informed decision on the use of these products, Dr. Rodo has extensive background and experience. He chooses the type of material for you and your particular needs. Some of the things he'll consider for you are:
  • The Type of decay (cavity)
  • Your Age
  • The Location (which tooth in your mouth)
  • Color Matching (tooth color)
  • Dr. Rodo is a Cosmetic Dentist in Buffalo, NY committed to treating you, your friends, and your family with the best materials and technology available. His tooth colored (white) restorations require a higher level of technical proficiency and particular attention to detail.
There are many benefits to the extra time, caring, and knowledge required to perform a "white" restoration with excellence.

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